Ombre Check


1.黄昏モード クボタタケシRe-Mix / GASBOYS

2.Summer Trees / Penthouse Penthouse

3.Real /Hitmane
4.Diving Asteroids / Hebinomichi

5.An Act of Class/ Vincent Paolo

6.Her (Produced by Byron the Aquarius) / India Shawn

7.僕の中の少年~遠い記憶4~ / DS455

8.Lottery / Kali Uchis dear / ???

10.Fall In Love (Venza Remix) / Phantogram

11.Make It Up / Lafayette Ellis

12.Craft Feat Brasstracks (JNTHN STEIN Remix) /El. Train
13.Summer Madness by Regulators / Regulators

14.Maybe the Sunset (feat. Lydmor) / ホセ・パディーヤ

15.Rebound / Clayfacer

16.Sunny feat. Campanella / ERA

17.Hollow (Les Loups Remix)/ Knight One

18.Free Your Mind (Feat. Donnie Trumpet) / Towkio

19.Pussy Light / LUVRAW & BTB

20.Lost In Crystal Canyons feat. Mosaicc / FXXXYBLNT

21.Continuum / Realtalk

22.I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love / Camden Arc

23.Let it whip / Heisenberg’s Montage

24.RIght There / BWO EDIT MASTER

25.夏 をあ きらめ て/ 研